Interview with Tomer Alroy – “Always setting goals that will scare me enough to be worth taking.”

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  • Hello, Tomer nice to meet you can you please tell me more about yourself?

Hey guys! How’s it going?

My name is Tomer Alroy, I’m 26 years old, BJJ competitor from Israel training under Amir Boaron in Soul Fighters Israel in Netanya. I’m a student of Psychology at the IDC college in Israel. Doing jiu jitsu is definitely my passion. This tear I decided to take it a step further and compete 100% as a full time competitor, afterwards I will definitely want to be a sport psychologist helping athletes overcoming their doubts.

  • How and when did you find out about BJJ?

I trained in martial arts all my life. I Started doing karate at the age of 4. Then at the age of 18 I recruited to the army as a Krav Maga instructor at the IDF Special Forces.

My first introduction to BJJ was when my father told me about the UFC and we started to watch it together. At that time there wasn’t any official source to learn bjj from in Israel.

We basically started to watch videos on YouTube and learn from DVDs we ordered online.

The community started to grow and develop and I started to train at a place called MMA Israel which now is Soulfighters Israel under the professor Amir Boaron a black belt under Bruno Mendes (Founders of the Soulfighters team.)

Amir always had a passion for competitions and he encourages his students to try and compete.

At that time I hated the thought of competing. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. So I sighed to a small competition in Cyprus. I took first place and got addicted to competing ever since.

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While competing is not easy with a lot of ups and downs as a team we enjoy the BJJ lifestyle, not only the training but the healthy eating, the team spirit, traveling to different places and of course competing.

The moto is- “Always setting goals that will scare me enough to be worth taking.”

  • Tell us more about BJJ scene in Israel. How popular is the sport and how do you see it in next 5 years?

The BJJ scene in Israel is amazing! You have amazing BJJ, amazing Beaches and good weather! What else do you need?

But in all seriousness, because we have a support from the government, the community is growing all the time. Every month we bring guests from all over the world to learn from and help us train. The competition team competes around 18-20 times a year, we really emphasis on the “bjj lifestyle” part of it. We love BJJ as a way of life

  • What do you prefer Gi or No Gi? Do you train any other martial arts?

Nice questions. I love the  GI, I love the strategies and the control. We train GI and NO GI all the time. Although my “game” is totally different when I train the GI and when I train the NO GI. I believe that having a wrestling background will help you a lot if you doing NO GI, combine that with a good leg locks game and you have a deadly weapon. We will go to IBJJF worlds NO GI this year. I’m really excited about that.

  • What is your favorite submission?

Definitely the X chook! Although I go for the omoplata a lot, recently I fell in love with the X chook from any position, top or bottom.

  • Who influenced you the most in developing your BJJ game?

I have to say Rafael Mendes. His method of keep trying and develop his passing game, his gurad game and always trying to find new moves that will surprise you is inspiring to me.

Every time I travel to AOJ and train with him I feel like a new world of BJJ is open to me.

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  • Who are the athletes that you admire?

I admire a lot of athlete, each one in a different way.

Bernando Faria is amazing example as a person and as a competitor.

But Lucas Lepri for me is the guy that I would give as an example for a professional super athlete.

Humble, nice guy, complete fighter in every way.

  • Tell us more about your routines. Do you have special diet?

So the team and I train twice a day from Sunday to Friday morning and evening BJJ classes. Depending on the competition, we train between 2-3 time per week strengh and conditioning with our coach Shay Malka.

The morning training are the tough ones, we do some drills for the warm up and then go straight to sparring. We do a lot of group training, situational training, or competition situations.

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In the evening classes we focused more on technique and regular sparring.

I usually keep a healthy lifestyle over all, I don’t drink or smoke. But everyone enjoys some chocolate here and there.

When I need to cut weight I cut most of my carbs from my diet but I keep eating vegetables. I eat more protein and healthy fat.

But my post competition meal? Is always this –PIZZA AND STEAK haha

  • Do you have any hobbies outside the mat? What else you love to do in your free time?

Israel has a lot of cool viewpoints , so I always like to travel and enjoy the outside.

Besides that, I love movies! And in the winter I always go snowboarding, it’s a family tradition haha

Can you please give some advice to our readers?

I truly believe in setting realistic goals for success

When you write down your goals- it can be your goals in drilling, competition, studies or work

You have a clearer image and path on how to achieve it.

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