Jeff Glover: The Entertaining Darce Master

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Jeff Glover is one of the most unique personalities in the history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s an innovator and an entertainer with an immense passion for BJJ.

For newbies to Jiu Jitsu, here’s a history of Jeff “The Human Monkey” Glover. Detailing some of his Jiu Jitsu journey from his athletic career and innovations he’s made within the martial art.

Jeff Glover’s Entry Into BJJ

Jeff Glover is a California native that began his Jiu Jitsu journey at the age of sixteen at Paragon Jiu Jitsu. The owner and head instructor, Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, would become a mentor to Glover. Around the same time Jeff began training, another unsung BJJ innovator in, Bill “The Grill” Cooper, also began training. The two would become immediate friends and have been training partners ever since.

Jeff would immerse himself in his jiu-jitsu training and stay at the school for hours. Miller would also encourage Jeff to try new moves and make his style express who he was. Then shortly after beginning his training, Glover would begin entering every competition he could. Not just competing in his division, but commonly in the absolute divisions. He had no fear of bigger competitors and was confident that his Jiu Jitsu was better than theirs.

How Jeff Supported His BJJ Dream

Even though Jeff was happy that he found a passion in grappling, he still needed to support his dream. To pay for classes, Glover would work different part-time jobs. One of those jobs included working as a plumber. This is how Jeff would earn one of his many nicknames, “the pipelayer.”

Jeff Glover’s Career Highlights 

The Human Monkey has been one of the most exciting grapplers of the modern era. Here are some of Jeff Glover’s career highlights.

Glover’s Run at Brown Belt

The BJJ community began becoming aware of Glover when he was a brown belt. He would prove that his unorthodox style of grappling was effective. Not only displaying great technique, but also bringing excitement to his matches. Whenever Jeff competed, everyone would watch him to see what he would do. As a brown belt, he would win back-to-back Pan Championships. This success led Franjinha Miller to award Glover with his black belt. Glover was ready to show the BJJ world how exciting and effective his style was.

Jeff Glover: The Entertaining Darce Master 1 Jeff Glover: The Entertaining Darce Master jeff glover
Jeff Glover with Franjinha Miller
Image: @jeffgloverbjj

Glover’s Early Years as a Black Belt

Early in his grappling career as a black belt, Glover would face some stiff competition. He competed against top grapplers like Robson Moura, Ricky Lundell, and Bibiano Fernandes. At the 2007 ADCC, Jeff would have one of the highlight moments of the event. He hit a flying triangle in his first-round match and battled with former champion Leo Vieira.

His next big competition would be at the 2008 No-Gi Worlds. Jeff would have two highlight-reel submissions in the first two rounds to meet world champion and legend Rubens “Cobrinho” Charles. The two would go to war, with Charles winning by an advantage.

Jeff Glover’s Influence in BJJ Super-Match Events

Jeff Glover was one of the first athletes that helped BJJ competitions get brought to a bigger audience. He would compete in the inaugural Metamoris event against world champion Caio Terra. Caio would win the match by armbar, but Glover won the rematch at the World Expo event. Jeff would then do commentary at Metamoris 4 but would surprise the audience. He would participate in a surprise super-fight against highly respected veteran Baret Yoshida. The two would fight to a draw in one of the event’s most exciting matches.

Jeff would then go on to make history again as he competed in the inaugural EBI event. He was one of the favorites to win the featherweight tournament. It looked like Glover would win it all as he submitted his first three opponents to face Geo Martinez in the finals. Geo would edge out Glover in EBI overtime to win the first EBI event.

The Innovations of Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover is one of the most innovative BJJ practitioners of the modern era. Some of the techniques he’s credited with innovating include the darce choke, deep half-guard, stability ball training, and the donkey guard.

Darce Choke Master

Jeff Glover is known for his prowess with the Darce Choke-a submission with which he won numerous matches. He has traveled the world giving seminars on how he sets up his Darce Choke. Glover has made numerous instructionals on the Darce Choke that are available online.

Deep Half Guard Expert 

Jeff was one of the early innovators of the deep half-guard. One of the most popular guards that are used by BJJ practitioners. He, and other innovators of the deep half, showed the endless possibilities of this half-guard variation. Check out his breakdown of a sick deep half guard sweep in the video above.

Stability Ball Training 

Not only has Jeff been innovative with his technique, but also his training. One type of training that he’s known for is his use of the stability ball.

He will use stability and yoga balls to work on his balance and positioning. Treating the ball like an opponent flowing through rolls and weight shifts to keep his dominant position. Many grapplers have adopted this training method from Glover.

The Donkey Guard

Then, of course, there’s the donkey guard… A, let’s say, an unorthodox technique where you turn away from your opponent, and go to your hands. Springing off them to luge feet first at your opponent. It’s an attack that you’d never expect, which is why Glover developed it.

FAQs About Jeff Glover

When Was Jeff Glover Born?

April 15th, 1983

When Did Jeff Glove Start Training?

Jeff began his Jiu Jitsu training when he was sixteen in 1999.

Who Gave Jeff Glover His Black Belt?

Jeff was awarded his belt by longtime professor Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller.

What’s Jeff Glover’s Home Gym?

Jeff’s home academy is Paragon Jiu-Jitsu.

What Championships Has Jeff Glover Won?

Jeff is a 3x Pan Champion, No-Gi Worlds silver medalist, and ADCC bronze medalist.

Jeff Glover: Innovative Martial Artist

Jeff Glover is one of the most unique and special figures in the world of BJJ. Not only is one of the most talented grapplers ever, but one of the most exciting. There has never been a boring Jeff Glover match. But he’s not only an entertaining athlete but also an artist. Jeff carved his own path in the Jiu Jitsu world that is authentic and can’t be replicated.

We salute Jeff “The Pipelayer” Glover and his work bringing Jiu Jitsu to a bigger audience.