BJJ Stars 8 Results

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On Saturday, April 30, 2022, BJJ Stars, Brazil’s top professional Jiu Jitsu promotion, returned with their first event of the year to São Paulo, Brazil. For their 8th edition, the organization put together an eight-man Gi Middleweight Grand Prix, followed by seven ADCC Rules Super Fights. 

The event saw the return of Jiu Jitsu and UFC Legend Demian Maia to grappling competition for the first time in 15 years! Maia last competed in grappling in the ADCC in 2007! The evening also saw the 18 year-old black belt phenom Mica Galvao beat two Jiu Jitsu icons.

Middleweight Grand Prix Results

BJJ Stars 8 Results 1 BJJ Stars 8 Results BJJ Stars 8 Results

The main focus of the event was the Middleweight GP where the best of the new generation of upcoming gi competitors faced off against veterans of the sport. 

All eyes were in the Jiu Jitsu phenom Mica Galvao and the question on everyone’s mind was how he would perform against two of the top dog’s in the division: seven time IBJJF Black Belt World Champion Leandro Lo and current IBJJF Black Belt World and Pan American Champion Lucas Hulk Barbosa. 

Galvao rose to the occasion, defeating Lo who was considered by many as the favorite to win the entire GP in the first round and submitting the Hulk in the final!

Grand Prix Quarters Finals

Lucas Hulk defeats Roberto Jimenez by points 2 X 0

Leondro Lara defeats Wallison “TARTA” Oliveira by points 5 X 2

Mica Galvao defeats Leandro Lo by advantage 

Mauricio Oliveira defeats Pedro Machado by referee’s decision

Grand Prix Semi Final

Lucas Hulk defeats Leonardo Lara by armbar

Mica Galvão defeats Mauricio Oliveira by injury

Grand Prix Final

Mica Galvao defeats Lucas Hulk by bow and arrow choke

ADCC Rules Super Fights

Demian Maia vs Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira

BJJ Stars 8 Results 2 BJJ Stars 8 Results BJJ Stars 8 Results

Maybe the most talked about news in the Jiu Jitsu World for the last month was the return of Demian Maia to professional grappling. 

Recently retiring from MMA, Maia decided to come back to his roots for the first time in 15 years. His last time in a pure grappling competition was back in the 2007 ADCC World Championship, when he won the 88 kg division. 

BJJ Stars chose a worthy adversary for Maia, pitting him against the always entertaining UFC fighter, Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira. WIth no hesitation, the two UFC vets clashed against each other with Maia pulling guard in the early minutes, from where the hometown hero managed to secure a tight triangle and end the match.

Felipe Pena vs Henrique Ceconi

BJJ Stars 8 Results 3 BJJ Stars 8 Results BJJ Stars 8 Results

Another much anticipated match on the fight card was the former ADCC Absolute World Champion Felipe Pena’s return to no-gi competition. Pena faced off against ADCC Second Brazilian 99 kg Trials winner Henrique Ceconi. 

Unfortunately for spectators, the match between the two Brazilian athletes was a boring watch due to the fact that Ceconi avoided attacking Pena’s guard for the entire match and was penalized twice for being non-combative. These penalties earned Felipe the victory.

Gutemberg Pereira vs Fellipe Andrew

BJJ Stars 8 Results 4 BJJ Stars 8 Results BJJ Stars 8 Results

The match between Gutemberg Pereira and  Fellipe Andrew had the ingredients to be the “match of the night” because both competitors have very aggressive submissive styles, especially in the leg lock game, and was expected to see a lot of scrambles and submission exchanges. 

But Pereira shocked everyone by securing a tight front choke in the first 15 seconds of the match that earned him a quick and decisive victory.

Superfight Results

  • Mariana Rolszt defeats Thaís Loureiro by armbar
  • Marcos Petcho defeats Lucas Protasio by guillotine
  • Beatriz Mesquita defeats Julia Boscher by armbar
  • Fabricio Andre defeats Alex Sodre by decision
  • Gutenberg Pereira defeats Fellipe Andrew by guillotine
  • Felipe Pena defeats Henrique Ceconi by penalties
  • Demian Maia defeats Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira by triangle