ADXC – Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship Looks To Revolutionize Combat Sports

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The UAEJJF shared a huge announcement this week, announcing the creation of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship(ADXC)—a new grappling promotion with a goal to revolutionize combat sports.

ADXC organizers held a press conference this week talking about their vision of creating the world’s best Professional Grappling Organization. Check out the press conference highlights below to see just what the ADXC has in store for us.

The Announcement 

The press conference held by the UAEJJF took place at the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel this past Wednesday. Led by His Excellency Abdel Moneim Al Hashemi, Chairman of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

Al Hashemi announced a new venture by the UAEJJF and their creation of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship(ADXC). Promising that this promotion will change the combat sports world by presenting grappling in a new and exciting format.

“We are proud to introduce the unique Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship (ADXC), which represents AbuDhabi’s contribution to the world of martial arts,” he said. “It will once again attract enthusiasts from around the world to Abu Dhabi, the global capital of martial arts. This event reflects the UAE’s commitment to supporting sports and their top athletes globally. The championship aims to make an unprecedented impact on the sector, expanding horizons and solidifying Abu Dhabi’s leading position in combat sports.”

– Chairman Al Hashemi

The ADXC event will make its debut during Abu Dhabi Showdown week this October. Occurring at the same time as the UAEJJF World Championship takes place.

Honored Guests Present At The Announcement

Chairman Al Hashemi made this announcement with BJJ legends in attendance for the press conference. They included former UAEJJF world champions Andre Galvao, Mackenzie Dern, Checkmat founder Leo Vieira, and GFTeam founder Julio Caesar Pereira.

Former world champion Mackenzie Dern shared her support for the UAEJJF and the ADXC.

“I won a world title here in Abu Dhabi, and it’s a place very near and dear to my heart. I think that this platform will bring the best athletes in the world to compete in an exciting style. Hopefully elevating and pushing jiu jitsu to another level.”

– Mackenzie Dern

The Rounds & Rule Set

ADXC will be an exciting event that will have a unique and innovative presentation for grappling. Some of the features of the first ADXC event will include:

  • Cage-based Event: All grappling matches will take place in an MMA cage.
  • 13-Round Tournament: The event will feature a 13-round tournament featuring the best athletes in the world. ADXC’s selection process will take in consideration the ranking and performances of athletes in UAEJJF-sanctioned competitions.
  • 12-16 Superfights: Superfights between the best BJJ athletes and grapplers will also take place at the event.
  • Gi/No-Gi: The event will feature both gi and no-gi matches between the best athletes in the world.
  • Rounds/Time Limit: Matches will consist of 3 rounds that are 3 minutes each. Designed to keep the pace of matches fast and exciting.
  • Unique Rule Set: ADXC matches will take place under a special yet-to-be-released rule set. Designed to make the matches exciting without restricting the abilities of the athletes.

ADXC’s Mission

The end of the press conference was marked by the unveiling of an ADXC belt by Tariq Al Bahri, General Manager at International Vision Sport Management (IVSM). During the unveiling of the ADXC championship belt, Bahri would make a closing statement:

“We are ushering in a new era of combat sports in Abu Dhabi,” he said. “The ADXC serves as a comprehensive platform for jiu-jitsu and grappling, surpassing the boundaries of combat sports. Undoubtedly, the championship enhances Abu Dhab’s status as a global destination for professional combat sports., which provide a great avenue for integrating the youth of Abu Dhabi. Through platforms such as these, we not only inspire the youth, but build a bright future for this sport.”

– Tariq Al Bahri

Will ADXC Revolutionize Grappling?

The UAEJJF is helping innovate and push BJJ and grappling matches in the future. They are passionate about grappling and helping make more exciting events for the best in the world to compete in.

This year’s Abu Dhabi Showdown Week will be the biggest event in grappling history. More world champions will be crowned, and we’ll see the debut of ADXC—a win not only for the athletes competing but the spectators and BJJ as a whole.