GrappleFest 11 Results

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On February 26, 2022 one of the top European organizations for professional Jiu Jitsu, GrappleFest, held their eleventh edition in Liverpool, England. The organization matched Pedigo Fighting System (AKA the Daisy Fresh) against a squad of Europe’s grappling elite in an event called Daisy Fresh Vs Europe.

The event included very exciting matches and showcased some beautiful Jiu Jitsu, with the Daisy Fresh team dominating the scene and winning 5 x 2 in the main event and collecting three of GrappleFest’s titles with impressive victories from Dante Leon (80 kg title), Kendall Reusing (Open Weight Female Title) and John Hansen (Open Weight Male Title).

GrappleFest 11: Title Match Results

Dante Leon vs Mateusz Szczecinski under 80 kg Title Match

Grapplefest 11 Dante Leon

The main event of the evening was the title match between IBJJF Black Belt No-Gi World Champion and ADCC vet Dante Leon against one of Europe’s young prospects and ADCC European trials bronze medalist, Mateusz Szczecinski. 

Many experts predicted Szczecinski’s aggressive leglock game could pose a problem for Leon, as he had difficulties in the past with this type of game. But using his high speed passing style from the beginning, Dante never permitted any gripping sequence that could represent a threat and in under a minute and a half was able to secure a near side underhook allowing him to get the finish with an armbar and become the GrappleFest 80 kg Champion.

Kendall Reusing vs Ffion Davies Women’s Open Weight Title Match

Kendall Reusing Winner Grapplefest 11

One of the most exciting matches of the event was the female Open Weight title match between Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies. 

As expected Davies pulled guard in the first second, avoiding an exchange on the feet against Reusing’s wrestling background. The Welsh black belt’s plan was simple and logical, hunting for a submission from the bottom and trying to use a submission threat to get on top, but Kendall was able to successfully block everything coming her way. 

Using her strong base, Reusing displayed a very good understanding of cutting angles with her knee cut passing style and mixed that up with several submission attempts that earned her the decision victory and the title.

Mikey Musumeci vs Kev Corkhill under 60 kg Title Match

GrappleFest 11 Results 1 GrappleFest 11 Results Grapplefest

Making his competition debut in the UK, Mikey Musumeci was scheduled to compete for the under 60 kg GrappleFest belt against one of the best Europe has to offer: Kev Corkhill. From the first seconds of the match Musumeci set up his strong K Guard grips and managed to finish his opponent with a straight ankle lock in under a minute. 

John Hansen vs Jamie Hughes Men’s Open Weight Title Match

John Hansen Winner Grapplefest 11

Using a very aggressive and fast pace style from the start of the match, the ADCC vet and 2021 ADCC East Coast trials winner John Hansen hunted the back of his opponent, IBJJF European Gi and No-Gi Black Belt medalist Jamie Hughes several times. 

Securing full back control in the middle of the match, Hansen was able to finish the match with a tight choke. 

GrappleFest 11 Results

  • Dante Leon victory over Mateusz Szczecinski by submission – armbar
  • Kendall Reusing victory over Ffion Davies by decision
  • Mikey Musumeci victory over Kev Corkhill by submission – ankle lock
  • John Hansen victory over Jamie Hughes by submission – rear naked choke
  • Jacob Couch victory over Santeri Lilius by decision
  • Matty Holmes victory over Brad Schneider by decision
  • Jack Tyley victory over Jorge Valladares by decision
  • Owen Livesey victory over Paul Lukowski by decision
  • Tommy Yip victory over Chris Hayes by submission – rear naked choke
  • Nadine Tavares victory over Simone Caffrey by decision
  • James Duckett victory over Des Parker by decision
  • Harry McKnight victory over Reece Doran by submission – inside heel hook
  • Jay Butler victory over Ciaran Brohan by submission – inside heel hook
  • Rosa Walsh victory over Marina Mavrou by submission – armbar
  • Jeremy Pare victory over Shane Curtis by submission – outside heel hook
  • Kris Leeson victory over George McManus by decision
  • Joshua Robertson victory over Jack Brown by decision
  • Micheal Pixley victory over Shay Smith by submission – d’arce choke
  • Philippe Geyer victory over Aidan Woodley by submission – inside heel hook
  • Jack Grant victory over Dave Weston by submission – inside heel hook
  • Andrew Hardwick victory over Amadeusz Arczewski by submission – inside heel hook
  • Josh Cherrington victory over Jack Levackvis by submission – rear naked choke
  • Lewis Ridley victory over Ryan Graham by submission – neck crank
  • Stefan Biddles victory over Evan Reid by decision
  • Hayley Valentine victory over Hannah Garrett by decision
  • Jakob Brooks victory over Owen Phillips-Jones by submission – d’arce choke
  • Johnny Dash victory over Josh Taylor by submission – arm-in guillotine
  • Aman Alim victory over Vinny James by submission – arm lock
  • Tad Cravens victory over Sam Barker by decision
  • Ashley Wagg victory over Mark Wynne by submission – toe hold
  • Jaimie Middleton victory over Ellie Wright by decision
  • Jared Shafer victory over Jack Hassard via submission – triangle choke