IBJJF 2018 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Results

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Irvine, California has been the home to the IBJJF Pan American Championship. This year Irvine hosted the tournament once again. The tournament spanned over four days beginning on March 8th and ending on the 11th.

Many would consider it one of the biggest tournaments IBJJF has to offer. All of the teams are high level and very well prepared.

Anyone that has been there or competed at Pan Ams understands that everyone there means business. It is an amazing experience for all levels of BJJ athletes.

Pan Ams is well organized and usually, everything goes according to plan. IBJJF does a great job at managing all the minor details so the competitors can do what they do best, and that is to compete.

The sport of Jiu-jitsu is always growing. This year for the first time ever IBJJF added new Women’s only Master’s divisions at the Pan Jiu-jitsu tournament.

All the athletes showed up to compete and left it all on the mats. Below are the results courtesy of flograppling.com.

Women’s black belt finals:

LFW: Gezary Matuda def Talita Alencar via referee’s decision

FW: Karen Antunes def Jaqueline Moraes 4-0

LW: Beatriz Mesquita def Jena Bishop via choke from the back

MW: Angelica Galvao close out with Luiza Monteiro

MHW: Nathiely de Jesus def Carina Santi 8-6

HW: Maria Malyjasiak def Yacinta Nguyen 2-0

SHW: Claudia Doval def Hillary Vanornum via omoplata

Abs: Luiza Monteiro close out with Bianca Basilio

Men’s black belt finals:

RW: Tomoyuki Hashimoto def Koji Shibamoto 0-0, 2-1 adv

LFW: Joao Miyao def Pablo Mantovani 6-4

FW: Gianni Grippo def Jamil Hill 2-2 4-1 adv

LW: JT Torres close out with Michael Liera Jr.

MW: Gabriel Arges def Marcos Tinoco 0-0, 1-0 adv

MHW: Lucas Barbosa close out with Gustavo Batista

HW: Leandro Lo def Tanner Rice 2-0

SHW: Keenan Cornelius def Mahamed Aly 0-0, 1-0 adv

UHW: Joao Gabriel Rocha def Ricardo Evangelista via choke from the back

Abs:  Leandro Lo def Gutemberg Pereira 2-0