Marcelo Garcia is a legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Carrying a smaller frame, he’d taken the back of most everyone during his competition career. Today, he primarily focuses on instruction. We’re now looking at a video on the backstep pass.

The backstep is a fundamental movement that has to be part of your game. If you’ve covered the knee slide, it’ll make sense pretty soon. The knee slide itself is a hip drop. You could possibly solo drill the movement with the baseball slide. The backstep is similar. You’re not really backstepping. You’re dropping your hip to the other side. You could even do it standing but you’ll just find yourself defending a bunch of hooks.

How to Set it up

Mr. Garcia shows us the knee-slide – backstep combo. If you’d prefer you don’t really have to go into knee slide. Get inside control. Your legs need to be between your opponent’s legs. To do that you need to nullify any hooks that they may have on you. Turn your knee towards the hook. Your shin should be killing the hook. Step out and in. Do the same with the other leg. You’ve got inside control.

Step two: now that you’ve got inside control you’re in danger of being attacked from the outside. Opponent could be looking to attack you with the De la Riva. To counter this pin the bottom-side of their thigh with your shin. Underhook the other leg. You’ve got the knee-across passing position. Look Ryan Hall up if you want more details on this one.

You’re almost ready for the backstep. Grab a collar on the side you want to backstep towards. That’ll be the same side on which you’re pinning the leg so it doesn’t go into De La Riva. Drop your hip and backstep to the side. You’re in backstep position.

Be wary. You’re still fighting. Control the bottom leg or arm so he can’t base and get on top. Good luck.