This is our weekly match analysis tuning in with a match between Paulo and Thiago, both huge names in BJJ.

Berimbolo, single X counter

Mr. Miyao has built his competition career around this move. He’ll take your back from anywhere. Both pull guard with Mr. Thiago moving in for Single X guard, but Paulo counters this with an outside De La Riva hook, inverting to take the back.

Tripod to Counter the Backtake

There are a couple of defenses to the backtake. You can opt to fight the hands or the feet with your own, or you can tripod the way Mr. Bravo does. He posts on both hands and feet and uses the position to shake Mr. Miyao off.


There reset sees them both playing guard, with Mr. Bravo working more of a passing position. berimbolo, yet again, this time finishing with a leg dreg after trapping the legs; Mr. Bravo stands up to defend. Still, the back grip proves too strong and they end up on the ground. This time, Mr. Bravo has to fight the hands and feet off to defend the backtake.

The Sweep

Grown wise to the move, Mr. Bravo defends the De La Riva hook. The match turns into a spider battle with Paulo entwining the lapel into a worm guard variation to sweep.

Paulo on Top, and a Pass

The sweep turns the match into a half-guard battle with Paulo on top. After a series of gripfighting exchanges Paulo passes with a knee slide. During the next exchange Mr. Bravo recovers guard into 50/50 to be passed yet again with a leg drag.

Finishing Thoughts

No doubt, we’ll see the most effective techniques in matches like this one, and if you’ve been following so far, you’re probably seeing some recurring techs: the leg drag, De La Riva backtake and the knee slide. We’ve linked some instructional videos for you to give them a look-see and perhaps add them to your game.