Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares – Polaris 3

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Most fifteen minute grappling matches will put you to sleep. This one won’t. The submission threat is consistent. Honestly, I’m surprised the match didn’t end during the first minute.

We’re looking at a matchup between a member of the Danaher Death Squad and one of the most infamous grapplers in the UFC. Mr. Rousimar Palhares carries a reputation for injuring his opponents even after they’ve tapped. Both competitors specialize in leg locks with Mr. Tonon perhaps being a shade more technical of the two.

You’ve probably noticed the notable size difference between the two. The match doesn’t disappoint. We’ll just go over a couple of highlight moves in the following paragraph trying not to spoil anything. Watch for yourself. You be the judge.

There’s a couple of spectacular takedowns by Mr. Palhares. He pulls off several hand wheel takedowns. That’s a single leg where you break posture with your free hand and turn your opponent towards the ground. On top of this, he lands a massive suplex. Cheers to Mr. Tonon for not avoiding the stand-up after all this.

As for the ground game, there’s probably two dozen leg lock attempts. Mr. Tonon’s preferred game against a larger opponent seems to be that of scissor attempts and single-x entries. There’s even two triangle attempts that don’t bear fruit because the rules allow slamming. Cheers.