Invisible Jiu-Jitsu covers the Gracie gift leg on shoulder pass in detail. It is a powerful technique that can be applied in many scenarios.

Use the opportunity to pass as your opponent attempts to triangle you. Two things to keep in mind are posture and pressure.

Maintaining your posture and applying pressure with the hips makes it very difficult on your opponent. Also, the lapel grip will prevent a guard recovery by the other person.

In case you ‘’screw up’’ don’t try to resist by pulling out instead maintain the pressure by stacking your opponent and keep their hips off the floor. Continue to circle and try not to panic.

Use the cues that Morcegao talks about in the video. They will help you remember the fundamental principles in the pass.

If the person is stubborn go ahead and use your free hand to get their foot off your shoulder but make sure you have all the other bases covered.