BJJ Match Study: Marcelo Garcia vs Ricco Rodriguez

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Do not attempt unless you are Marcelo Garcia! Before watching this video fast forward to 3:23 then rewind to the beginning, it builds up the excitement.

Usually, when going up against bigger opponents, you want to avoid being on the bottom. Garcia, however, looks comfortable there, but he never stays on the bottom for extended periods.

He is always moving and looking for opportunities. Even though Ricco Rodriguez outweighs Garcia, he gets forced into defense mode.

Rodriguez tries to use his size as an advantage, but MG is too clever. Garcia makes excellent use, as he always does, of his legs to control Rodriguez.

When he is in the bottom position, he utilizes the butterfly guard exceptionally well to help him deal with the weight difference.

A critical skill that Marcelo Garcia does very well is transitioning which you will see in this great video.