BJJ is many things: submissions, sweeps, guards, takedowns, throws, grips and so on. Day one, you’re probably not going to go around submitting or sweeping everyone. What we are looking at is a video on a couple of realistic goals that you can set for yourself to survive the first month of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey. The black belt talking to us is Kentucky based Chewjitsu. He’s got a youtube channel that covers technique and frequently asked questions by fans and students.

Answer is simple. Focus on the closed guard. You’ll probably be starting from knees anyway. Whether you’re working from top or bottom, the closed guard will probably be the first thing that’ll make sense to you simply due to the sheer frequency of being in the position.

From Bottom

If you’re the one starting from bottom, look to prevent your partner from breaking your guard. Do that by breaking their posture. A simple over under clinch will do the trick. Then, as you add more weapons to your game like the armbar or scissor sweep, put yourself in position to attack and if you feel that it won’t work go back to your closed guard. See if you can up the amount of time that you’ve prevented your partners from opening your closed guard by 20 seconds each training session.

From Top

Starting from top in the closed guard focus on preventing your partner from breaking your posture. Don’t post on the ground. Instead, post on their chest so they can’t crunch and attach themselves to you. Even if you get caught in submissions your goal should be something along the lines of delaying it from working.