That’s a pretty boastful title we’ve got. But really, have no doubt, anyone can be swept. We’ve only got a pair of feet and a pair of arms to stop sweeps, and if you’re really determined you can always tie their hands and feet with your belt J ha ha;

Jokes aside, we’ll be looking at a couple of ideas on how to get our sweeps to that point where they might not work whenever you attack but where you’ll be certain of the outcome of attempting something, in effect recognizing your opportunities and taking them.

Remember, we’re fighting a human being. At first, we’re amazed by the fact that these things work. We roll with white belts who have never been caught in a submission or swept, and that fact by itself is great. If you’re one of those people who train to protect themselves on the street or perhaps for the wayward bar-fight that’ll be an invaluable skill. But when you move on to competition, it’s a different ball-game. Your opponent knows what’s coming. It’s really a game of chess. You’ve both got the same tools at your disposal and it’s a matter of who’ll use them to their advantage best.

Basic Principles

You’ve gone over the basic principles of sweeping and those are taking away the hand-post and fixating their lower body to the ground. You don’t think you have? Well, if you’ve done the scissor or flower sweep, trust us, you have. You don’t even have to think of them in a mechanical way. Let’s just call them grips. Get grips. Move your body. Like I said

The Goal

Like I said in the second paragraph, we don’t want our tech to work whenever, or rather we can’t. This is a fighting game. If someone’s really familiar with what you’re attacking them with they’ll stop it, maybe even counter it. The goal is to recognize the conditions where something will work and where it won’t. That’s a much more realistic goal. Now, this doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be waiting two or three minutes for your opportunity (even a minute is huge during a match by the way). You could easily catch them during the first seconds of the match or whatever kind of physical engagement you’re in.

How to

Answer is simple: fight. Put your opponent in a position where they can’t do anything but be swept and you’ll get the sweep. And there are two simple ways doing this: dominate grips or set them up i.e. counter them. It’ll either be you forcing a scenario on them or them putting themselves in a position for you to counter. This is really simplified however. There’s many aspects to grappling and then even more in mixed martial arts fighting.

Let’s look into this ‘fight’ idea we put out there. If you look at a high level grappling match, there’ll be a lot of touching, perhaps even pushing if competitors get frustrated enough. This might even go on for minutes at a time. What’s going on is: they’re grip fighting. Grips determine what you can or can’t do to your opponent. The really great competitors can pull something off even with a minimal grip, but there’s an inherent risk of being countered if your grips aren’t dominant enough. For example, you’ve drilled the double leg takedown. You’ve done the knee-drop slide a million times, but you’re still hesitant when it comes to attacking. That’s because of the sprawl or maybe even guillotine.

What you have to do is kill the hands. If you neutralize the hands, they can’t cross-face you, they can’t whizzer you. If our opponents had no arms they’d be easy as hell to sweep or takedown. Put yourself in the grip-fighting game. Win the grip-fight. We’ll be putting another article out there on how to win the grip-fight. Stay tuned.