The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection

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The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection

Every year, BJJ gi companies release their latest line of products. There are so many gis on the market now, that it can be a little overwhelming to shop for one. Especially if you’re new to Jiu Jitsu and don’t know what to look for.

That’s why the crew at Jiu Jitsu Legacy have compiled the 6 Best BJJ gis to add to your collection. Each of these gi’s are the best gear available today and we’ve written mini reviews for each explaining why.

Below, we also answered common questions buyers have and also how to wash your BJJ gi.

The 6 BJJ Gis, Reviewed

Entry Level: Elite Sports Essential Lightweight Gi

  • Colors: White, Black, Grey, Blue, Navy, Military Green
  • Pearl Weave
  • Lightweight
  • Size Range: A0-A5

Starting off our best gi list with a top notch beginner gi: the Elite Sports Essential Lightweight gi.

This isn’t the flashiest gi you’ll come across, but it’s solid and will get the job done. It’s a sturdy pearl weave gi that is preshrunk and the fabric is treated with antimicrobial treatment, so it won’t stink.

This entry level BJJ gi is available in 6 sizes and colors. 

Classic Design: [amazon link=”B00GIHVQBG” title=”Fuji BJJ Gi”]

  • Colors: Black, Blue, White, and Pink
  • Special Fuji Weave
  • Midweight
  • Size Range: A0-A6

Something to know about the Fuji brand is that they are one of the oldest gi manufacturers in the world. They have been the standard bearer for quality gis and the Fuji BJJ gi has been their flagship gi for years.

This gi has been tested and approved by the world’s best BJJ teams and athletes. It is a durable midweight gi that is multilayered and extra fortified at all of the stress points.

It is made with a durable cotton blend that is of course IBJJF approved. Fuji’s classic BJJ gi comes in four colors and is available in sizes A1-A6 for grapplers of every size.

Best for Competition: [amazon link=”B01GTM3FMC” title=”Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi”] (In Europe? Check out Fuji Gis Here)

  • Colors: White, Blue, Black
  • Superlight weave
  • 350 GSM
  • Size Range: A0-A6

Our pick for the best competition gi on the market is another one from Fuji, the Fuji Suparaito BJJ gi. The name “Suparaito” is Japanese and translates to super light, which is exactly what this gi is. Constructed from 350 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) pearl weave cotton fabric, you should have no problem making weight in this gi.

Even though the gi is super light, it does not give up any durability. Fuji’s pearl weave is long lasting and this gi is built with extra stitching around the seams. The lightweight and durable ripstop pants include a bungee drawstring and won’t tear.

As you’d expect from a competition gi, the Suparaito is approved by every Jiu Jitsu federation on the planet. Set at a reasonable price, you cannot go wrong choosing this gi to use for competitions.

Best Fashion Gi: [amazon link=”B07WDXWFDC” title=”Ronin Oni Bushi Jiu Jitsu Gi”]

  • Colors: Navy
  • Pearl Weave
  • 400 GSM
  • Size Range: A1L-A3

Without a doubt the most fashionable gi on the market today is the Ronin Oni Bushi Jiu Jitsu gi. It’s a navy gi with a highly detailed drawing of a demon samurai in the inner lining of the jacket. 

The colors are incredibly vivid and look just like the old art designs of a samurai warrior with a modern twist.

Ronin did not only make a really cool looking gi, but they also made a comfortable and durable one. This gi uses a pearl weave that is ultra light and breathable, while also being built to last.

The wide collar is built around an EVA foam core for comfort and quick drying. The only drawback to this gi is that it is currently only available in 3 sizes on Ronin’s Amazon store. Other than that, Ronin made a really slick gi that is as comfortable as it is cool.

Most Metal Gi: Tatami X Slayer Final Tour Gi

  • Colors: Black
  • Canvas Stitching
  • 550 GSM
  • Size Range: A0-A6
The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection 1 The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection bjj gi

We had to make a special category for this special gi. The thrash metal legends Slayer called it a career after 40 years of making music and Tatami paid tribute to them with the most metal gi ever, the Tatami X Slayer Final Tour gi. 

This gi is just as heavy as the band it is named after coming in at a whopping 550 GSM, and of course a gi named after Slayer would come in black!

Tatami embroidered the back of the gi with the poster of their final tour, which is incredibly detailed. If you love Slayer, then this is the gi for you.

Best Gi For Women: Fuji Women Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi

  • Colors: White, Blue, Black
  • Pearl Weave
  • 450 GSM
  • Size Range: W00- W6
The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection 2 The 6 Best BJJ Gis to Add to Your Collection bjj gi

We couldn’t make a best gi list without giving the ladies that roll a gi sized specifically for them: the Fuji Women Sekai 2.0 BJJ gi. In Japanese “Sekai” means world, which is pretty fitting for arguably the world’s best women’s BJJ gi.

Fuji came out and improved on everything from the original version of the Sakai. A strong lightweight gi great for weigh ins and also durable triple stitched ripstop pants just like the Suparaito gi.

The Sekai 2.0 also comes with a bungee cord drawstring and a stiff collar that won’t rip or tear. This gi comes in 7 sizes from W0-W6 and will last for years.

BJJ Gi Buying Guide 

There are some hotly debated topics that some grapplers have about gis. Let’s answer a few of those topics and answer common questions that those new to Jiu Jitsu usually ask. If you’re looking into buying your first gi, we’ve got an article that answers all of the basic questions too!

Are expensive gis the best gis?

This is one of the most common debates that grapplers have and the truth is no, not really. While most expensive gis are made of high quality material, you are paying for more than just the material.

What you are also paying for is the design and the brand. If a BJJ gi has detailed design and brand recognition, they are generally priced higher than other types of gis.

Ripstop pants vs cotton pants

One other debate that comes up between grapplers over which type of gi pants are better. Ripstop pants vs cotton pants.

Cotton is the original fabric used in most Jiu Jitsu gi pants for over a hundred years. It was originally the standard fabric used for gi pants, because cotton is a strong and soft fabric.

Ripstop is a blend of different fabrics(including cotton) woven together to create extra fortified weaves that are hard to tear. Hence the name, ripstop. 

Most gi manufacturers are moving towards ripstop as the standard fabric used. One major advantage of ripstop is that they tend to shrink less than cotton gi pants when they’re washed. Traditional cotton gi pants are still a great choice and are comfortable to train and compete in.

Training gi vs Competition gi

When someone new to Jiu Jitsu is looking for their first gi, they could get confused seeing training and competition gis. Here is the difference between the two.

Training gis are generally single weave jackets that are sturdy enough for daily training. They are generally cheaper than competition gis and come in a wide variety of colors.

A competition gi is a higher grade and more expensive gi designed specifically for competitions. All competition gis like [amazon link=”B01GTM3FMC” title=”Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi”] follow the IBJJF guidelines. Only buy a competition gi if you actually compete or plan to compete in BJJ.

What is a beginner gi?

A beginner gi are simple single weave gis with a basic design like the Elite Sports Essential Lightweight gi. Perfect for those that are just starting out in Jiu Jitsu that want something sturdy and can last.

What are the gi sizes?

The gi sizes for adult men usually go between A0 to A5 with different brands offering other size variations. Women’s sizes are also broken up between W0 to W5 like men’s sizes with variations depending on the brand.

Both go from 0 being the smallest to 5 being the biggest. Some brands even offer bigger than an A5 or even smaller than an A0.

Unfortunately these sizes are only guidelines and each brand has their own size charts, so you’ll need to check to see which size you’ll need for each brand.

What does GSM mean? 

GSM stands for “grams per square meter.” The lower the GSM means the lighter the gi and those with a larger GSM are traditional gis like an Atama.

How many BJJ gis should I buy? 

If you get addicted to Jiu Jitsu training, you’ll want to fill your closet with a variety of different gis. While it seems like a good idea, you should really fight against the urge of doing this… Especially if you want a full bank account and a happy significant other.

Three gis should be sufficient to have in your closet. Two to split between training days and another specifically for competitions.


How do I wash my BJJ gi?

Wash your BJJ gi in a washing machine using only cold water. Then once the wash cycle finishes, air dry your gi and it should be ready for your next training session.

How do I shrink my BJJ gi?

You can shrink your gi using two different methods or both of these methods together:

  1. Wash your gi with hot water.
  2. Dry your gi in a dryer.

Either one of these methods will ensure your gi to your desired size. But be sure not to use these drying methods repeatedly or your adult gi may turn into a kid’s gi.

Do I need to wash my BJJ gi after each class?

For those that really need this question answered, the obvious answer is yes. To avoid staph infections, ringworm, or a permanent stink on your gi, you must wash it after each class.

How should my BJJ gi fit?

Your BJJ should fit just like a jacket. Comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement when training.

Which is the best BJJ gi?

While these are the 6 best BJJ gis to add to your collection, we can only pick one of them. Our choice for the best BJJ gi goes to the classic [amazon link=”B00GIHVQBG” title=”Fuji BJJ Gi”] and the Elite Sports Essential in second.

Fuji has been the standard for Jiu Jitsu and Judo gis for over 50 years. They make quality gis that last and you can use in either training or competition.

That is not to say the other gis aren’t also high caliber products. Be sure to check out the links above and tell us which you think is the best gi.

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