7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts

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Why should you get specialized BJJ shorts in order to train no-gi Jiu Jitsu? Apart from looking great while you roll, Jiu Jitsu shorts are built for optimal performance and durability as well. With over 100 different brands and thousands of different models of no gi BJJ shorts, we compiled the ultimate list to help you choose the best ones from you from the top short available!

Best No Gi BJJ Shorts Product Guide

Best Overall: Fuji Everyday Grappling Shorts

FUJI Men’s Standard, Black, 38
  • Grappling Shorts: Train without any restriction by wearing the everyday grappling shorts. These Jiu Jitsu and No Gi shorts for men are designed for extreme comfort.
  • Men’s Sports Shorts: These stretchable men’s shorts are constructed with FUJI Lightweight 4-way stretch fabric so you perform at your best.
  • Comfortable Sports Shorts: Our stretchable shorts have comfortable and secure elastic along the side and a faux fly closure with a drawstring to provide secure fit.
  • Sports Shorts for Men: These comfy sports shorts consist of 90% Poly and 10% Spandex with elastic along each side of the waist so you don’t feel restricted.
  • Easy Care: throw these shorts into any washing machine and know that the design will never crack, peel, or fade.

Simple, stylish, and elegant, the Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts are fit for any grappler, beginner or experienced, recreational or competitor. They are ultra light weight, yet very durable, not to mention extremely comfortable. 

Product Details: 

  • Style:  Board shorts
  • Material: 4-way stretch performance fabric (Polyester/Spandex) 
  • Closure: Inside drawstring
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes

These shorts are black, with sublimated graphics depicting the Fuji brand and logo in grey. This makes them legal for IBJJF use, but also opens up a lot of sp[ace for customizing them according to your desires. 

360-degree stretch flex panels are integrated as part of the shorts design, allowing you a full and unimpeded range of motion in any position you might find yourself in during grappling exchanges. 

The stretchability of these shorts also means they will last longer since there is less strain on the material. A saddle gusset further enforces the durability of these shorts, ensuring they won’t give way even after years of heavy use.

High Performance: Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts – Grey, Medium
  • THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE SHORT: Rugged textiles and hardware, stretch panel, reinforced seams and silicone waistband come together flawlessly for grappling, Jiu Jitsu, No-Gi or MMA.
  • INCREDIBLE FIT & FEEL: Your Hexagon grappling shorts provide a customizable fit with its interlocking velcro front and adjustable waistband. Additionally, its silicone hem is incredibly effective at locking in your shorts so they never slide down.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: Built to become your ultimate performance mixed martial arts or no-gi board shorts. with its inner thigh stretch panel for unrestricted mobility, these shorts feel incredible for all areas of training.
  • EXTREME DURABILITY: You need shorts that can withstand your training day-in-day-out. With rugged textiles and reinforced stitching, you can rest assured that these fight shorts were built to last.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: machine wash cold. tumble dry low. do not bleach. do not dry clean. iron low heat.

Hayabusa is a brand you can count on to produce high-quality grappling gear, as the Hexagon BJJ shorts clearly demonstrate. These shorts were engineered for optimal performance, guaranteeing a customizable fit for ultimate comfort. 

Product Details: 

  • Type: Board shorts
  • Material: 4-way stretch performance fabric (Polyester/Spandex) 
  • Closure: Inside drawstring + Velcro 
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes (only in black and white color) 

A silicone waistband feature guarantees that these shorts will stay in place even during the most rigorous grappling exchanges, neither slipping down nor riding up. 

Special reinforced stitching and rugged textiles guarantee that these shorts will last you for a very long time. 

They are machine washable (follow the provided washing directions) and available in several different colors: black, white, burgundy, green, grey, and navy. Strategically placed stretch panels ensure a complete range of motion in every direction.


7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts 1 7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts bjj shorts

Xmartial is a new company that is focused on producing No Gi and MMA products. Their shorts are optimized for the highest level of athletic performance. With moist-wicking technology to keep away sweats and fully sublimated graphics, they guarantee to keep you comfortable and stay looking great for years to come. 

We recently had the opportunity to do a hands-on review of one of their flashier designs – and the verdict was that these no-gi shorts are great! Check out the full review here.

Product Details: 

  • Type: Board shorts
  • Material: 4-way stretch fabric
  • Closure: Inside Drawstring and Velcro Waistband
  • IBJJF Approved: No

These no-gi shorts include an anti-slip gel panel for extra security and a closure system featuring both drawstring, velcro. These pants are guaranteed to stay put even during intense rolls!

The sublimated graphics will look great for years to come – and the manufacturer stands behind their work. These shorts come with a 1-year warranty, something almost unheard of in combat sports apparel.

Also, we’re proud to announce that Jiu Jitsu Legacy readers can get 10% off from XMartial by using the code JIUJITSULEGACY at checkout!

Most Protection: Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Compression Shorts

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Compression Shorts – Base Layer for Gi and No-Gi Grappling – Martial Arts Short (Medium) Black
  • THE ULTIMATE BASE LAYER FOR JIU JITSU 🥋 Perfect for both gi and no-gi training, Gold BJJ Compression Shorts protect your skin from matburn and provide just a touch of compression while you roll.
  • 4-WAY STRETCH 🏃 Our base layers are lightweight, breathable, and flexible so they won’t inhibit your training movement. Hip escape, berimbolo, and scramble for takedowns with ease.
  • PAIR WITH OUR FIGHT SHORTS ⚒️ For the ultimate no-gi training outfit, pair our grappling base layers with Gold BJJ Fight Shorts (offered on a separate Amazon listing).
  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN 🛡️ A proper grappling base layer protects against matburn, cuts, and that one training partner that has gone 3 too many days without a shower.
  • BACKED BY THE GOLD BJJ GUARANTEE 💯 We stand behind our products completely. If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your Gold BJJ base layer, we’ll replace or refund your order no-questions-asked.

Breathable and lightweight, the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Compression Shorts offer not just optimal performance, but also help protect your skin from mat burn as well as providing a compression effect to bolster your circulation. 

Product Details:

  • Type: Compression shorts
  • Material: 4-way stretch poly blend
  • Closure: Elastic waistband
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes (but only when worn underneath board shorts) 

These shorts provide extra protection for your skin by preventing mat burns and cuts by way of the special polyblend material that makes them breathable, flexible, and durable at the same time. 

The material also aids in thermoregulation, given its quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties. 

Moreover, the compression effect of these no-gi BJJ shorts aids circulation, thus helping you improve your performance and increase comfort. There is an elastic reinforced waistband keeping the shorts in place. 

Available in black color and several different sizes. Can be worn underneath Gi pants as well. 

Best Entry Level: Elite Sports Men’s MMA Fight Shorts, Black Jack

7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts 2 7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts bjj shorts
7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts 3 7 Best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ Shorts bjj shorts

A pair of BJJ shorts with an elastic waistband to ensure a comfortable fit, ergonomic function, and optimal performance, while also being tear-resistant, secure and durable. 

Product Details:

  • Type: Board shorts
  • Material: 4-way stretch performance fabric (Polyester/Spandex) 
  • Closure: Inside drawstring + elastic waistband
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes (in black color)

Ultra-soft, high-quality 150 GSM microfiber increases your range of motion and your performance by keeping you comfortable and allowing you to move freely even during high-paced rolls. It also ensures a high level of resilience, guaranteeing a long lifespan. 

The side slits on these no-gi BJJ shorts further help extend the range of motion, by allowing unrestricted lateral movement of your legs without any hindrance. 

Available in black and grey color and a variety of different sizes. 

Budget Option: Sanabul Men's Compression Base Layer Workout Shorts

Sanabul Mens Compression Shorts (Medium, Charcoal Grey)
  • The Perfect Fit: Base Layer Shorts are a popular alternative to full length spats. Regular underwear quickly becomes uncomfortable, especially during grappling or striking movements. Our shorts will stay tight to your body, and are shorter than spats so you can keep your body temperature down
  • Endless Uses: There’s no wrong way to use our Sanabul Base Layer Shorts. Under your Jiu-Jitsu gi, fight shorts, of by itself for Yoga, Muay Thai, and nogi grappling. They’ll feel snug under clothes, and look great if you wear them standalone
  • Tested by Pros, Created for You: Some of the top competitors in the world rep Sanabul, like BJJ black belt Guilherme Bomba and legendary Jiu Jitsu coach, John Danaher. They put our designs through the ringer, so you can trust what you’re wearing has the same grit as you.
  • Ultra Breathable: No single material is enough to stand up to a serious workout, so we made our shorts with nylon, polyester, and spandex for the best of all three. Our shorts will release your body heat better, but are thick enough that you’ll feel the compression
  • No Compromised Movement: We put a lot of time into designing shorts that you can perform any movement in. That means four way stretch material, a comfortable waistband that won’t chafe, and seam lines that won’t irritate you. Do your thing!

This pair of compression BJJ shorts will fit tightly to your body, and have been tested by people like John Danaher and Guilherme Bomba to ensure they are the perfect fit for grapplers – comfortable, stretchable, and with a waistband that doesn’t chafe. 

Product Details:

  • Type: Compression shorts
  • Material: Polyester/Nylon/Spandex
  • Closure: Elastic waistband
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes (but only when worn underneath broad shorts) 

The special blend material of Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex guarantee these shorts are breathable, helping you release body heat better and thus improving your performance. 

On top of thermoregulation, the effect of compression further helps you maximize your performance by helping your circulatory system. 

These shorts include a special type of flat reinforced seams which ensures there is no irritation to your skin while rolling. 

These shorts also offer UV SPF protection if you decide to wear them outdoors, while surfing perhaps! They are available in several sizes and black, grey, and navy color, with only the black being approved to wear underneath boardshorts in IBJJF tournaments. 

Most Durable: RDX MMA Shorts

RDX MMA Shorts for Training & Kickboxing – Fighting Shorts for Martial Arts, Cage Fight, Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Grappling Black
  • DURABLE PREMIUM MATERIALS – RDX MMA Training shorts are form fitting and built with 98 percent polyester and 2 percent Spandex fabric material which is very resilient and can withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. High-quality polyester along with spandex holds its shape well and doesn’t shrink. It dries quickly due to its sweat-wicking material to ensure comfortable wear.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRINGS FOR COMFORT- Our fighting shorts are secured in place with interlocking drawstring that are adjustable and allows you to find the best fit and total security. The closure system provides a comfortable feel and also keeps your shorts in the right position during Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai training sessions.
  • 3PLY POLYESTER WITH T3 STITCHING- These grappling shorts are fortified with 3Ply polyester stitching along the seams that ensure these are fit to wear over and over without ripping. Industry’s top T3 stitching techniques improve resilience and performance.
  • SIDE SLITS FOR UNRESTRICTED MOBILITY- These boxing shorts are prepared with side slits which promise free range of motion and give you more leg flexibility and mobility. Anatomical cuts permit you to extend your leg without being restricted from not having enough room in the thigh area for high kicks.
  • INNER POCKET FOR MOUTH GUARD- Our training shorts feature a small inner pocket at the right side to stow away mouth guard between sparring rounds. Additionally the fabric helps to control body temperature. The odor prevention material resists bad aroma.

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of no-gi BJJ shorts that will last you throughout your Jiu Jitsu career, look no further than the RDX MMA shorts. Built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day grappling training, they provide plenty of flexibility and mobility while being sturdier than any other pair of Jiu Jitsu shorts. 

Product Details:

  • Type: Board shorts
  • Material: 98% polyester and 2% Spandex fabric 
  • Closure: Interlocking drawstring
  • IBJJF Approved: Yes

Three ply polyester stitching fortifies these shorts along the seams, preventing rips and tears. T3 stitching techniques further improve resilience and performance, making this the only pair of shorts you’ll ever need. 

The special material prevents the dreaded perma-funk that some cheaper fabrics fall victim to, as well as helps control body temperature by wicking moisture quickly and efficiently. The shorts are quick-drying, machine washable, and won’t shrink. 

A useful feature is the small inner pocket on the right side, great for storing your mouthpiece or ID during competitions. 

Available in black color and several different sizes.

Picking The Best BJJ Shorts: What You Need to Know

There are several things you should keep in mind when you’re browsing for your next pair of BJJ shorts. Apart from the design, you should be aware of how size, stretchability, durability, cut, and length affect your performance, as well as the type of shorts that best fit your needs. 

Things to focus on: 

Picking the Right Size

No two pairs of BJJ shorts are the same, so when it comes to figuring out your size, make sure to always consult the charts that are provided by manufacturers. Also, make sure you follow the washing instructions so that you don’t end up shrinking your shorts. 


The material shorts are made of defines how stretchy they are going to be. Most shorts are made from materials like Polyester and Spandex, allowing them to stretch in 4 directions without tearing or impeding your motion.


An all-important feature of BJJ fight shorts. In general the stitching is the weak spot for BJJ shorts, so look for reinforced stitches. Additionally, the presence of a saddle gusset (like in the Fuji Everyday Grappling Shorts) will ensure the shorts last a long time.


Since the main reason you’re wearing BJJ shorts is to perform better on the mats, you want your shorts to help you achieve that goal. Breathability is important, given long training sessions and how hot most BJJ gyms can get after a few hours of rolling. Moisture-wicking properties, the ability not to retain odors, and quick-dry abilities are things you should take into consideration. 

Sublimated graphics are also important so that you don’t have logos and brands peeling off as you roll. 

Cut and Length

Most no-gi shorts feature an athletic cut, with the aim of being snug, but comfortable. Board shorts are longer in length compared to compression shorts, but they should extend below your knees. An important feature of BJJ shorts are side slits, which allow unrestricted lateral movements. 

No-Gi BJJ Shorts FAQs

What Shorts Should I Wear To BJJ?

Compression or board fight shorts are the best choices for Jiu Jitsu training. While you could get away with regular board shorts for a training session or two, only specialized fight shorts will help you achieve optimal performance on the mats.  Avoid any shorts with external pockets or metal closures.

Compression or Board Shorts? 

This comes down to your own preference. Most people opt for board-type shorts for grappling, and some like to use both, wearing compression shorts underneath their board shorts. In IBJJF and UAEJJF tournaments, you can’t wear only compression shorts. 

How to Measure for BJJ Shorts?

The circumference of your waist, the circumference of your hip, and the length of your thigh from the hip to the knee are measurements that you need to know in order to pick the correct size BJJ shorts for yourself.  

Why Use Compression Shorts for BJJ?

Compression shorts offer the added benefit of improving your circulation during training compared to board shorts and are more comfortable for some people to wear due to the ultra-tight fit. Moreover, they can help protect against mat burns and cuts. 

What Shorts Should I Wear to Compete? 

Under IBJJF rules, you can wear black, white, black and white, or belt color-ranked board shorts to compete in tournaments. The shorts cannot have pockets, zippers, or any other type of accessory, and should be long enough to cover at least halfway down the thigh. Compression shorts are only allowed underneath board shorts. 


The Fuji Everyday Grappling Shorts are our clear winner in the category of the best no-gi BJJ shorts. They are stretchable, long-lasting, IBJJF approved in terms of color, cut, and length, and built for optimal performance on the mats. Even if you’re not competing in IBJJF tournaments (or at all) this pair of shorts will fit all your grappling needs. 
The XMartial Torii BJJ shorts are a close runner-up, only falling behind in terms of being IBJJF approved compared to the Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts.

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