The European championship hosted by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation is one of the most esteemed BJJ tournaments in the world and the most prestigious one in Europe. It’s hosted each year by the IBJJF in Lisbon, Portugal and has been done so since 2004.


This year’s event, exactly the same as it has been in the past fifteen years, will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and as such an attractive touristic location that’s open to sea. There’s many a thing to be seen in this beautiful city. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy its incredible architecture with your team.


The event is scheduled for this month and will span a period of five days from 15th January to 20th, possibly the 14th as well if brackets are stacked. Our Jiu-Jitsu Legacy team will be present on site and will go live to report the event.

Eligibility to Compete

If you’re thinking about competing and you’re not a citizen of Portugal, you’ll want to take care of your IBJJF ID. Both the academy and competitors need to have been registered with the IBJJF to compete in the tournament.

The belt and age divisions as defined by the IBJJF are as follows:

Male and Female:
Year of BirthAge divisionBelt
2003Juvenile 1White, Blue, Purple
2002Juvenile 2White, Blue, Purple
2001 and beforeAdultWhite*, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1989 and beforeMaster 1White*, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1983 and beforeMaster 2White*, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1978 and beforeMaster 3White*, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1973 and beforeMaster 4Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1968 and beforeMaster 5Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1963 and beforeMaster 6Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
1958 and beforeMaster 7Blue, Purple, Brown, Black


Juvenile competitors will be able to transition between divisions if the division they registered for has no other competitors in it. They may move up or down one weight class. As for adults who are alone in their bracket, they may demand a refund before event registration day.

The Absolute

There’s no white belt absolute, but blue and purple will have two absolute categories: open class light from rooster to light-weight and open class heavy from middle to ultra-heavyweight.


You’ll be getting a T-Shirt for participating which you pick up when you arrive in addition to any medals or trophies you may have won. Trophies are awarded to age category winners. Good luck and godspeed.